Hello Everyone!! :)

I'm Tyesha and welcome to my blog! :) I have a passion for all things beauty and fashion related and I can't wait to share my thoughts and opinions on the latest trends and beauty products with you, as well as the occasional lifestyle post about what I've been up to throughout the week :) 

Anywayyyy.... have a browse (I love that word) around my blog, and tell me what you think! And if you really wanted to make my day, please share it with your friends if you liked it!  

Thanks! :) Love Tyesha <3

p.s. Any posts where the title has a (*) - the products have been sent to me by companies and any posts where the title has a (**) are sponsored posts and I have received payment in exchange for an honest blog post. However, I would never recommend something that I genuinely didn't love <3